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Supported networks: all networks, the whole world


Order processing time: 2 – 12 days


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Dial *#06# to see your Imei, After saving your Imei number, remember to add it to your basket.


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Unlocking Blackberry Q10 with a code is a simple, quick and safe way to remove simlock from your phone permanently. It does not invalidate the warranty and simlock will never come back, even after a software update.

To get the unlocking code for your phone we will need your 15-digit IMEI number in form of 123456789012345.


You will see the IMEI number on the screen of your phone when you type *#06#

You can see it also on the information sticker after taking the battery out.

Remember to check the IMEI number accurately, giving a wrong IMEI number can result in receiving a wrong code.


How to enter code in Blackberry Blackberry Q10:


1. Turn on Your Blackberry
2. Go to "Settings" then "Security and Privacy"
3. Select "SIM card"
4. Choose "Unlock Network"
5. Phone will ask for "Network Unlock Code"
6. Now enter 8 or 16 digit of code  received from imagineunlock.com
7. Your Blackberry is unlocked now!


Frequently asked questions:


How does the remote unblocking work?

Removing simlock from Blackberry Q10 has never been so easy.

The website imagineunlock.com will enable you to do it

Order unlocking of your Blackberry Q10 today!


We remove simlock with a code from a Blackberry phone on the basis of IMEI number.

The whole procedure is remote and it consists in typing the unlocking code.

All networks on the world are supported.

The process of unlocking is remote and you do not need to send us the phone.


Is unlocking of Blackberry Q10 safe?

Removing simlock with a code is by all means safe. Codes are taken directly from the producer of the phone and do not affect the phone negatively, they only remove simlock.


Will removing simlock invalidate the warranty?

The phone does not lose warranty after removing simlock with a code, because codes do not cause any changes in the software of the phone.


Is it possible to remove simlock from an Blackberry phone for free?

No, unlocking the newest phones for free is not possible. Producers of the phones and network operators gain additional profits from the distribution of unlocking codes. The easiest and the most effective way to unlock the phone is to use codes provided by either the producer of the phone or operator. Each phone requires a different code which is assigned to its unique IMEI number.

Using free code generators or using codes assigned to different IMEI number results in blocking the counter. It can cause a higher cost of unlocking the device or its complete block.


Is it possible to remove simlock from every network?

Yes – in case of Blackberry phones all networks on the world are supported.


What if there is no code for my phone?

In such cases the client will get a refund.

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  • By Hans Georg on 11/10/2018
    Text: Hat bestens funktioniert.
    Unbedingte Weiterempfehlung.
    By Roberto on 03/30/2017
    Text: Muy bueno, me funciono a la perfeccion
    By Morten on 02/28/2017
    Text: Everything went smoothly. Thanks :)
    By Klaus on 02/06/2017
    Text: Super schnell und gut erklärt
    By Klaus on 12/01/2016
    Text: Alles gut und seriös gelaufen. Sehr schnell via PayPal und vor allen Dingen - es hat funktioniert Ganz klare weiterempfehlung
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